September 2019

Development Committee Update

Rick C. Sasso, MD
Development Committee Chair

Donations to the SRS were significantly higher in 2018 compared to 2017 and 2016. So far in 2019, this trend continues.

We have just finalized a commitment for an annual young clinical investigator innovation award from Lutz Biedermann. Details of this new award will be forthcoming.

We continue to work on a global deformity initiative with the Hans Jorg Wyss Foundation. Progress continues with focus on a sustainable endowment.


Chair: Rick C. Sasso Committee: Kenneth MC Cheung, PPII; Christopher I. Shaffrey; Alexander R. Vaccaro, III; J. Abbott Byrd, III, Treasurer; Jahangir V. Asghar (C); Jason PY Cheung (C); Gabriel KP Liu (C); Kathryn McCarthy Mullooly (C); Suresh S. Pillai (C); Tushar N. Rathod (C); Todd J. Albert, PPI; Jacob M. Buchowski; Khaled M. Kebaish, Chair Elect; Panagiotis G. Korovessis; Shay Bess; Anthony M. Petrizzo; Onur Yaman