September 2019

Education Committee Update

Burt Yaszay, MD
Education Committee Chair

We are less than a month away from the 2019 Annual Meeting in Montréal. At the meeting you will see all the work the education committee has done in providing the education program including the Pre-Meeting Course, Half Day Courses and Lunchtime Symposia. There should be something for everybody as the topics are both innovative and fundamental to spinal deformity treatment.

This year’s Pre-Meeting Course entitled “Improving Patient Care through Surgeon Performance” will have topics on understanding and improving surgeon performance parameters. There will be a guess lecture given by Lt. Col Chris Collins (retired), a former Top Gun and Blue Angel pilot, who will give some insight into the performance programs utilized by the elite Blue Angels to make top performing pilots even better. On Thursday afternoon, there will be two Half Day Courses, one focused on current concepts in adult spinal deformity and one on the growth and development of pediatric scoliosis. The Lunch Time Symposia will have three diverse topics including “Achieving the Desired Sagittal Alignment”, “Navigation Options for Spinal Surgeons”, and “Practical Biomechanics for Spinal Deformity Surgeons”.

As I mentioned, something for everybody!

Outside of the Annual Meeting, the Education Committee was also responsible for this year’s webinars as well as creating the SRS program for FOSA during AAOS’s specialty day. Four of the webinars have already occurred and were all well received. If you missed them, you can check them out on the website. I also encourage you to check out the remaining webinars.

I would like to thank all the members of the Committee for their work. This year’s Education Program could not have been done without the members of the Committee. I would also like to personally thank Courtney Kissinger for her coordination of the Committee and for her guidance throughout the year.

See you all in Montréal!


Chair: Burt Yaszay Committee: Suken A. Shah, Past Chair; Firoz Miyanji, Program; Charles H. Crawford, III; Paul T. Rubery; Benny T. Dahl, WWC; Keith R. Bachmann (C); Edmund Choi (C); Alexandre F. Cristante (C); Sabrina Donzelli (C); Calvin C. Kuo (C); David E. Lebel (C); Gabriel KP Liu (C); Kristopher M. Lundine (C); Addisu Mesfin (C); Joshua Murphy (C); Tushar N. Rathod (C); Rolf B. Riise (C); YingSong Wang (C); Samuel K. Cho, CME; Marco Brayda-Bruno; Michael D. Daubs; Baron Lonner, Chair Elect; Ahmet Alanay; Charles E. Johnston; Stephen W. Hwang; Yong Qiu; Amer F. Samdani