September 2019

Historian Corner

George H. Thompson, MD
SRS Historian

Did you know that 10 years ago…

Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods (MCGR) were gaining popularity and the new version of the MCGR was first used. Early Onset Scoliosis continues to present significant treatment challenges. This new technology allows for non-invasive lengthening after the initial surgical implantation.


…the SRS Archives were formed. The archives of the Scoliosis Research Society are stored in the Clendening History of Medicine Library and Museum on the campus of the University of Kansas Medical Center. In the archives are photographs, videos and historical documents from the SRS files. Digital copies of many of these items can be found on this website, along with abstracts of all papers presented at past SRS meetings. Did you also know that you can visit the SRS Archives? It is a wonderful opportunity that SRS would love all members to experience. If you would like to set up a visit, please contact and the staff will help arrange the visit.

*NEW* The SRS digital archives have been updated

The SRS digital archives have received a sleek new design to bring it up to date with the SRS website redesign that was done a few years ago. On the digital archives, you can find all abstracts from 1966-2018 (2019 meetings will be added in late 2019), various Society minutes, pictures, and historical interviews.

Explore here:

The SRS digital archives website can also be found in the “Governance” section of the Member’s Only page.


Chair: George H. Thompson Committee: Kshitij S. Chaudhary (C); Christian P. DiPaola (C); Janez Mohar (C); Brandon A. Ramo (C); Andrew G. King; Acke Ohlin (E); Patricia N. Kostial (A); Matthew J. Mermer; Jay Shapiro, Historian Elect