September 2019

Nominating Committee Update

Todd J. Albert, MD
Nominating Committee Chair

As in past years and per the SRS Bylaws, the 2019 Nominating Committee was made up of a chair appointed by the President (typically the immediate Past President) and four members elected by Active members attending the 2018 Members’ Business Meeting. This year, elected members of the Committee were Lawrence Lenke, David Polly, Amer Samdani and Daniel Sucato.

For 2019 the Committee was charged with selecting a Vice President, three Directors at Large, including one age 45 or younger, if possible, and a member of the Fellowship Committee. We are pleased to present that slate for approval by the membership at the Annual Meeting:

Vice President
Christopher Shaffrey, MD

Directors at Large
Ronald Lehman, MD
Gregory Mundis, MD
John Smith, MD

Fellowship Committee
Darrell Hanson, MD

The goal of the Committee is always to select thoughtful, engaged people who will represent the entire membership and help move SRS forward. There were seven members nominated for the Vice President position, nine for the Director at Large positions (including two under 45) and two for the Fellowship Committee position, all of them well qualified for the nominations. The committee looked carefully at the activities of all nominees and considered a number of factors in making their final decision.

As SRS has become more global and has welcomed neurosurgeons, it has become more important to seek input from members in identifying candidates. There is also an attempt to maintain a balance of representation on the board, including pediatric and adult, North American and non-North American, orthopaedic and neurosurgeons.

Last year there was a change to allow Active members to nominate people for the Nominating Committee electronically rather than doing it in person at the annual Business Meeting. This was done as a way to hear from a broader segment of members since not everyone is able to attend the Annual Meeting every year. Members are also asked to nominate candidates for the open positions on the Board and Fellowship Committee each year.

In an attempt to provide even more engagement for Active members all over the world, a Bylaws Change is being proposed this year which would allow electronic voting. If approved, this will allow members to vote for members of the Nominating Committee online rather than having to be at the Annual Meeting.

Your Board of Directors takes the charge to represent all members very seriously and has worked to implement changes to the nomination and election process that will allow more member involvement. I encourage all Active members to take the time to participate in these processes and make your voice heard in the selection of future SRS leaders.


Chair: Todd J. Albert Committee: Lawrence G. Lenke; David W. Polly, Jr.; Amer F. Samdani; Daniel J. Sucato