September 2020

Adult Deformity Committee Update

Eric O. Klineberg, MD
Adult Deformity Committee Chair

The Adult Deformity Committee had another productive year. We remained committed to our charges from the Presidential Line; including generating educational content, determine educational gaps, and generating website content. Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic has made our work challenging, and our committee members have been responsible for their local health response beyond the spine domain.

We have made significant progress in generating educational content. A Pre-op optimization project has been completed and has been passed onto the patient education committee for conversion and website publication. A paper on Proximal Junctional Kyphosis: State of the Art Review, is complete and has been converted and posted online. An article on Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction needed a complete revision but has been completed and submitted for publication and conversion. Finally, a paper on post-operative spinal infections has been completed, but not yet circulated.

A gap analysis on Early Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) for adult deformity is underway. A survey of the different ERAS pathways has been completed by SRS sites and is being complied for analysis and publication, we hope to have a report to the new ASD chair in September 2020. We also have a gap analysis to determine the patient reported outcomes that are available for deformity surgery and to provide a list of best practices, and recommendations for the SRS community.

The ASD committee members have also actively participated in the online IMAST and in the SRS Annual Meeting. We have had several Zoom meetings to discuss our charges and our progress. We will continue to work closely with the Education Committee Chairs to develop Half Day Cources, and/or Pre-Meeting Courses, for ASD. There is also interest in helping as content experts for the expansion of webinars on specific ASD issues, including PJK, SI Joint dysfunction, cervical deformity and others. I think that there is also opportunity to expand our library of online content and surgical videos.

Personally, I would like to thank the Board for the opportunity to Chair the ASD Committee for 2019-2020. It has been an enjoyable experience, and I think that we have made real progress this year, despite all the obvious limitations. I look forward to working with the incoming chair to provide a smooth transition and assist him in the coming year.


Chair: Eric O. Klineberg Committee: Frank F. Rand, Past Chair; Jean-Charles Le Huec; Elian M Shepherd; Fernando E. Silva; John M. Caridi (C); Kristen E. Jones (C); Takashi Kaito (C); Renaud Lafage (C); Jason W. Savage (C); Hai Wang (C); Onur Yaman (C); Caglar Yilgor (C); Ivan Cheng; Yongjung Kim; Panagiotis Korovessis; Douglas C. Burton; Robert K. Eastlack, Chair Elect; Virginie Lafage; Yukihiro Matsuyama; Shane Burch; Evalina L. Burger; Michael J. Faloon; Addisu Mesfin