September 2020

Communications Committee Update

Yan Wang, MD
Communications Committee Chair

The Communications Committee has been active. As part of the SRS Research Task Force’s innovative dissemination of SRS Research initiative, the creation of SRS Podcasts was approved earlier this year. The SRS Board endorsed podcasts that are similar to the webinars and social media efforts that would allow for expansion of ideas presented.

Co-Chair with Ron El-Hawary, the goal of the Podcast Task Force is to work to develop and to put in place the processes for a new podcast process to help disseminate knowledge, research findings, and other relevant information throughout the year from SRS’s various sources. The first podcast is now available to listen to on the SRS website, or accessed and subscribed to on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

The Committee has worked with the Program Committee Chair and Education Committee Chair to discuss our goal of supplementing the 2020 virtual Annual Meeting with podcast material and has worked with the 2021 IMAST Committee Chair to discuss our goal of supplementing the 2021 IMAST with podcast material. We would like to thank Dr. Paul Sponseller, Dr. Peter Newton, Professor Marinus de Kleuver, and Dr. Serena Hu for their vision in creating innovative methods to disseminate knowledge and research findings to members of SRS.


Chair: Yan Wang Committee: Todd Milbrandt; Karen S. Myung; Hui-Ren Tao; Paul C. Celestre (C); Yashar Javidan (C); Ahmed Salem Mohamed (C); Matthew P. Newton Ede (C); Reuben CC Soh (C); Naveed Yasin (C); Elias C. Papadopoulous; Jean-Marc Vital; Michael G. Vitale; Mehmet B. Balioglu; Masood Shafafy; Fernando Emilio Silva; Mitsuru Yagi; Brian G. Smith, Ex Officio; Marcus John, Advisory Social Media Subcommittee: Ryan E. Fitzgerald; Olavo B. Letaif; Jaysson T. Brooks; Mitsuru Yagi