September 2020

Nominating Committee Update

Peter O. Newton, MD
Nominating Committee Chair

The nominating committee is tasked with evaluating nominated candidates for elected positions within the society. This year in addition to the Vice President and three Director at Large positions, a Secretary Elect and Research Council Chair Elect are also being chosen. The committee met by teleconference on several occasions to deliberate on the nominees for the various elected positions. The committee sought to bring broad representation to the SRS leadership positions consistent with our diverse global membership.

The committee recommended the following slate for 2020:

Vice President
Lori Karol, MD

Secretary Elect
Ferran Pellise, MD

Research Council Chair Elect
Douglas Burton, MD

Directors at Large
Benny Dahl, MD
Justin Smith, MD
Hee Kit Wong, MD

Fellowship Committee
Jwalant Mehta, MD

Thank you to all those who voted following the Member's Business MEeting. From this vote, the slate of nominees was approved, and have ascended to their roles within the Society.


Chair: Peter O. Newton Committee: Rene Castelein, John Dormans, Khaled Kebaish, Noelle Larson