September 2020

Research Promotion & Oversight Committee Update

Douglas C. Burton, MD
Research Promotion & Oversight Committee Chair

One of the outcomes of the Research Task Force led by Research Council Chair Marinus de Kleuver was the creation of a new committee, the Research Promotion and Oversight Committee. As the name indicates, this committee has the dual charge to promote SRS funded research inside and outside of the society and to oversee the progress and reporting of our funded studies. We have been busy this year initiating our work around these charges. Beginning in 2021, all research grant applications and grant progress will be tracked online through our new partnership with ProposalCentral. We believe this will streamline and automate what has previously been done by hand. In addition, the tracking function will enable us to better understand and appreciate the publications and even future funding that is created by our SRS funded research.

We will be promoting SRS research within the society in a number of ways. We have created a report of the research done between 2012 and 2019 that was presented to the members at the Annual Meeting last week and is posted in the Business Meeting section of the Member's Only page. We are also working with the Education and Communication Committees to find ways show our membership the outstanding research that their dollars support. We are writing a piece highlighting interesting and important research the SRS has funded for the Development Committee that can help them show our generous donors how we use their gifts.


Chair: Douglas C. Burton Committee: Ivan Cheng, Research Grants; Jonathan E. Fuller; Nancy Hadley Miller; Virginie Lafage, Research Grants; Meric Enercan (C); Bricwe Illareborde (C); Kenny Kwan (C); Michelle C. Marks (C); Javier Pizones (C); James S. Harrop; Stefan Parent; Rajiv K. Sethi; Rene Castelein, Chair Elect; Mun Keong Kwan; Carol A. Wise