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Historian Visit SRS Archives

It was with great pleasure that the Historians of SRS visited the SRS archives in Kansas City. Along for the trip were Behrooz Akbarnia, George Thompson, Jay Shapiro, Rick Schwend, and Pat Kostial and of course the best of the SRS staff Laura Pizur. We met with the Archivists at KU med center where the Archives are housed along with the Harrington Archives. Good news in that a one-year position for an SRS Archivist will be filled this Fall.

Their job will be to better organize and arrange existing collection to make it easier find things in the collection for members and researchers. Long term goals are to make Archives more accessible in person and online.

SRS vice president Marinus de Kleuver was at University of Kansas Medical Center visiting and was able to stop in and see the Archives and the Harrington display as well as meeting with the Historians. We much appreciated his input and enthusiasm.

Seeing the displays is a must for all spine deformity surgeons. Knowing our history is vital for our future. Having the Archives allowed for documentation of spinal techniques that predated FDA rules allowing for the approval of new growing techniques and instrumentation as well as documenting use of pedicle instrumentation. As Historians we are working and looking for ways to make sure we preserve for the future todays and past accomplishments of spinal deformity surgery.

If interested in visiting or contributing to the Archives, please let any of us know.

Jay Shapiro, SRS Historian