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Website Committee Update | New Website on Target for 2023

Denis Sakai, MD, Website Committee Chair

The Website committee had a very productive year and is pleased to announce the society’s move to a new SRS website is well underway.

Thanks to collaboration with the SRS staff and Northwoods -- a website building firm – we have approved Northwoods’ design recommendations and new sitemap structure that will help restructure the entirety of the SRS website.  

The committee had been keeping track of the current state of the website by analyzing the website’s Weekly Reviews provided by the SRS Communication Team. After analyzing the reviews, the committee was tasked with preparing potential improvements to the current webpages. These improvements involved updating webpages with outdated medical knowledge/studies and enhancing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by attaching keywords to webpages.

Patient information content on the website was the biggest target for these improvements, so over the next few months, the Website Committee will review and update the content as needed to help improve the patient user experiences.

At the 30th International Meeting on Spine Techniques in Dublin, the Website Committee presented a full build proposal from Northwoods to the Board of Directors for final review and approval and to begin the contracting process for the development planning of a new website. The Board approved the project, and the contract was initiated that week.

The new website is on schedule to partially to fully launched in September, 2023.

Thank you to all the committee members who worked on this project: Abhay Nene, MD, Cristina Sacramento Dominguez, MD, PhD; Carlos Abreu de Aguiar, MD; Ali A. Baaj, MD
Ryan E. Fitzgerald, MD; Toshiaki Kotani, MD, PhD; Joshua M. Pahys, MD; John C. Quinn, MD; Karl E. Rathjen, MD; Jay Shapiro, MD; Andrew J. Trontis, MD, MS and Shirvinda Wijesekera, MD