Scoliosis Research Society
SRS: Scoliosis Research Society

Scoliosis Research Society

Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

Frequently Asked Questions Video Library



FAQs Answered - Dr. David W. Polly, Jr., MD

  • What is scoliosis?
  • Is scoliosis more common in boys or girls?
  • What are the other types of scoliosis?
  • Does everyone with scoliosis wear a brace or need surgery?
  • Why do kids get scoliosis?
  • Does bad posture lead to scoliosis?
  • Are there exercises I can do to make my spine straight?


FAQs Answered - Prof. Kenneth MC Cheung, MD

What can I do to prevent my scoliosis from getting worse?
How does a spine specialist decide what the treatment will be?
What is involved in observation?
Can you tell me about Bracing?
How do you know if a patient needs surgery?
Where can I find a specialist?
Should I try physical therapy or other alternative methods first?


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