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55th Annual Meeting | Hibbs Best Clinical Award Paper Summary

2020 Russell A. Hibbs Best Clinical Research Award Paper Summary

Complications Following Posterior Surgical Treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis:
Prospective 10-Year Follow-Up Study

Arun R. Hariharan, MD; Suken A. Shah, MD; Margaret Baldwin, MD; Joseph Petfield, MD; Burt Yaszay, MD; Peter O. Newton, MD; Baron Lonner, MD; Firoz Miyanji, MD; Paul D. Sponseller, MD, MBA; Amer F. Samdani, MD

The main aim of this study was to evaluate over a period of 10 years’ complications and reoperations following spinal fusion for AIS.  The design of the study is a retrospective review of prospectively collected data from a multicenter database registry over a period of ten years. 284 patients were included and the overall major complications rate was 12%. The majority of these complications were from deep SSI (23%), and pulmonary issues (23%). It should be pointed out that long-term follow-up is crucial, as 35% of complications appeared after 2-year and 18% after 5 year of surgery. Surgeons should reassure the patients and family, that surgery is a safe and a good alternative to the natural history of severe, progressive spinal deformity despite complications.

Summary provided by the SRS Patient Education Committee