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Scoliosis Research Society

Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

Finished with your brace? Donate it to a good cause!

Hi, my name is Megan Hodes, and I am a junior in high school in New York. I was diagnosed with scoliosis in middle school and my doctor prescribed an overnight correcting brace. I struggled initially with the diagnosis and the idea of wearing an orthopedic device. However, the brace helped stabilize my curve, and I recently graduated from wearing it.


I started this initiative to help other children with scoliosis or other growth deformities that do not have access to orthopedic braces. I have teamed with FOCOS, a nonprofit organization to donate recycled braces to children in need. 


If you or your child has recently graduated from wearing a back brace, helmet or any other orthotic device, please contact me directly at: to arrange shipping so we can help make a difference.


About FOCOS: The Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS) is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization launched in the United States in 1998. The mission is to provide access to high quality, affordable, and specialized orthopedic care to those, primarily in Ghana and the broader African region, who would not otherwise have access to such treatment. Visit the FOCOS website for more information. 

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