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Kinematic comparison of the use of walking sticks versus a rolling walker during gait in adult degenerative scoliosis patients

This study looked at adult patients with scoliosis. They wanted to see how well they walked using either two walking sticks or a walker. The patients were picked from one hospital where they were scheduled for surgery. None of the patients had surgery yet. Patients were studied in a special gait lab where detailed measurements could be made of their walking position and speed.

Patients had a better upright posture and longer stride length when using the walking sticks. Patients had a more hunched posture when using the walker, but a faster walking speed. The authors thought that the increased walking speed with the walker was due to the momentum of the walker being on wheels.

Overall, the authors thought that the walking sticks were generally the better option. The walking sticks put the spine, hips, and knees in a better upright position.

Haddas R, Villarreal J, Lieberman IH
Spine Deformity (2020) 8:717–723

Summary provided by the SRS Patient Education Committee.

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