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Thoracic Curve Fusion is a Good Treatment Option at Five Years for Patients with Double Thoracic and Lumbar Curves


Prior work identified optimal outcomes at two years following selective thoracic fusion (STF) for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) but it is unclear whether these published predictors represent what is required to achieve an optimal outcome with further time and potential growth. The purpose of this study was to determine the preoperative factors associated with optimal outcome of STF for AIS at five years.

The goal of treatment for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is to correct spinal deformity and to improve spinal balance in the coronal and sagittal planes. Read the study in Spine Deformity Journal.

Study Results

For patients with double thoracic and lumbar curves with a lumbar curve less than 45 degrees, fusion of the thoracic curve is a good option with an optimal result. This study confirms this result even five years after surgery.  At five years for patients with double thoracic and lumbar curves when the lumbar curve measures less than 45 degrees.

It is very important that the surgeon decides the best surgical option to obtain excellent balance (head perfect over pelvis) with the minimum of the spine fused segments.

Amelia M. Lindgren, Tracey P. Bastrom, Carrie E. Bartley, Amer F. Samdani, Suken A. Shah, Firoz Miyanji, Patrick J. Cahill, Vidyadhar V. Upasani, Peter O. Newton, Harms Study Group & Burt Yaszay.  Spine Deformity volume 10, pages1117–1122 (2022)

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