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اختصاص داده شده به مراقبت مطلوب از بیماران مبتلا به بدشکلی ستون فقرات

Patient Stories
Click on the different stories to learn more about patients with various spinal disorders.
Interested in sharing your personal story, please read, fill out and submit the Patient Submission Form and Patient Consent And Release Vignette Form for consideration.
Caitlin’s Story
Caitlin’s Story: Scoliosis
Enduring a rapid progression of the scoliosis that took her to an almost crippled state. Some battles can be won!
Marcia’s Story
Marcia’s Story: Adult Scoliosis
Walking and sitting
had become difficult with shooting pains down her leg. Now she can ski with her Grandchildren!

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Nora's Story
TLSO Brace for Scoliosis
Nora is 14 years old. She wears a custom TLSO brace for scoliosis. Nora doesn't hide the brace, in fact, her friends have decorated it! She faithfully wears it all day, but she does take it off for field hockey. Prebrace, Nora had a 33 degree thoracic curve and a 40 degree lumbar curve. After eight months her curves are not increasing - the thoracic curve is 33 degrees and the lumbar curve is 35 degrees.
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Joshua's Story
Milwaukee Brace for Kyphosis
Joshua is 14 years old. He wears a Milwaukee brace for kyphosis. He is motivated by the opportunity to avoid surgery. His kyphosis curve measured 71 degrees prebrace. After only 6 months it's been reduced to 49 degrees. A Boy Scout, Joshua is committed to the brace. He even wears it camping and hiking.
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Megan's Story
Idiopathic Scoliosis
Prior to surgery, at the age of 13, Megan was number one in her division in Missouri in Full Contact Olympic Sport Taekwondo. She also had scoliosis.