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Colombia - Cali

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For more information please contact Anthony Rinella, MD or visit the Global Spine Outreach web site!
Global Spine Outreach

Cali is a beautiful city nestled in the Andes Mountains, just north of the equator. Our hospital, Fundación Valle del Lili, is the most modern hospital in Colombia, and on par with the finest hospitals in the United States. The SRS Global Outreach Trip to Cali began in October 2001 - pioneered by Drs. Steve Mardjetko and Mike O’Brien. The current team, led by Drs. Anthony Rinella and Chris Bergin, return every May and November. The trip will celebrate its 25th mission in November 2014.

The Colombian trip is sponsored by Global Spine Outreach in the United States, and Fundación Casa de Colombia in Colombia. Local surgeons Juan Uribe and Mario Gonazlez participated in every trip since its beginning. Their dedication makes this mission possible.

Global Spine Outreach

During our 1-week mission, the team evaluates 50-60 children with complex spinal deformities, and performs 10-15 procedures. The team stays in the hospital free of charge. No vaccinations or visas are necessary.

Read about Yessica's Global Outreach Mission story on the SRS web site.