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Scoliosis Research Society

Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

Dominican Republic - International Surgical Foundation

International Surgical Foundation is a non-profit Christian based charity founded out of a need to provide to the impoverished population of the Dominican Republic and surrounding areas, the very best in surgical treatment of all spine disorders and to advance the education and surgical skills of local surgeons interested in giving back to their community.

Global Spine Outreach

ISF is the collaboration of many dedicated professionals, who witness firsthand the extreme poverty resulting in profound neglect of many spine related problems. This has left many within the population suffering from major neurologic disorders which could have been prevented with proper clinical follow up. In Sept 2010, 6 members of one of Scottsdale Healthcare scoliosis surgical team was invited as the first spine team to support the Surgical Humanitarian Mission co-sponsored by Fundación HOMS Santiago, Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic shares the same land mass with Haiti. This island nation (Haiti) was devastated by a major earthquake thus worsening their poverty. Haiti has added to the issues facing Dominican Republic as their population is also seeking good health care and resources.


There are many countries all over the world whose poverty dictates access to medical care, leaving in its wake many of their citizens profoundly disabled, and unable to provide for themselves or their families. ISF’s long term goal is to expand its operation to other countries within the Caribbean and Central America. It was the surgical mission to Santiago, Dominican Republic, that sparked the interest of this highly trained group of medical professionals in creating this non-profit organization in an effort to prevent life and limb threatening conditions from plaguing the under-served men, women, and children in the Caribbean and South America. Our dedication to the care and treatment of those with spine related issues has extended well beyond the patients of Arizona. Our dream to provide much needed spine related surgical services and education for local healthcare providers, to a population whose access to treatment and health care is profoundly limited due to their economics, has become a reality through the development of this foundation.