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Ghana & Barbados - FOCOS

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FOCOS-Accra, Ghana

Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS) provides comprehensive, affordable orthopedic care to underserved communities in West Africa and throughout the world. FOCOS began in 1998 when teams of volunteers travelled to existing medical facilities throughout the world to offer free surgical care. FOCOS volunteers treated thousands of patients with complex joint and spine deformities, but the lack of medical equipment and inadequate surgical facilities made care increasingly difficult.

In 2012, the FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital opened its doors in Accra, Ghana, offering volunteers, surgeons, and patients a place to call home. This state of the art, 50 bed facility has two operating theatres, recovery room, out-patient clinic, radiology center and laboratory, physical therapy center, research center, and a full service kitchen. The Hospital is maintained by more than 160 medical and administrative local staff members that are supported by volunteers from all across the world.

FOCOS-Accra, Ghana

Four times each year, FOCOS volunteers travel to Ghana to assist the local staff with patient care. Volunteers offer specialized training for complex joint and spine surgery, provide educational lectures and in-services to staff, and continue to assist with the professional development and growth of FOCOS Ghana employees. Our goal is to build a sustainable infrastructure that continues to provide complete, specialized orthopedic care for years to come.

FOCOS-Barbados Program is very active. We completed over 35 cases and trained a young Barbados surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery for three-months. Dr. Randy Carrington is now leading the spine team and doing simple cases with occasional intervention by the FOCOS group in the USA. Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados is our sponsoring hospital, offering sufficient surgical space and necessary equipment.

FOCOS-Accra, Ghana

Since inception, FOCOS has treated more than 27,000 patients and has completed over 1,000 complex joint and spine surgeries. We have in excess of 350 medical volunteers who are actively involved with our program. FOCOS staff and volunteers have treated CP, Marfans Syndrome, idiopathic scoliosis (adult and adolescent), hyperkyphosis from congenital deformities, post traumatic infantile scoliosis, neuromuscular scoliosis, Marquio's Syndrome, Myelomenigocele, TB kyphosis, and traumatic deformities. We have presented our data to the SRS meetings in the past and will continue to collect data.

FOCOS is willing to bring much needed care to patients in underdeveloped nations as well as educational activities and programs to surgeons who are seeking such knowledge. FOCOS is in the process of developing the FOCOS Medical Research and Training Center, offering specialized training to orthopedic surgeons and medical professionals from all across the world.

FOCOS Hospital Halo Gravity Traction System

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