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Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity


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Indonesia is the fourth largest populated country in the world with 201 million residents, includes 1,400 islands, and extends over three time zones. The island of Java alone has 107 million residents and the capital city is Jakarta.

There exists an impressive Department of Orthopaedics, which has trained all the surgeons for Indonesia and coordinates the allocation of surgeons to the major facilities of each of the significant islands. All of their surgeons have spent 2 years as a GMO before residency. There are now ten spine surgeons to service this enormous population.


A visiting orthopaedic surgeon can expect to visit and stay in a hotel or house in Jakarta, which has all amenities and is safe. Transportation for you and/or your family will be by an assigned driver or taxi. You will most likely be part of a teaching team. While in Jakarta the clinical experience will be in one of several hospitals, which are equipped for good general anesthesia, a good team of nurses, and very helpful scrubbed in registrars. Some spine instrumentation is produced in Java, but all international commercial “instrumentation” will need to be arranged by the visiting team.

Some companies are represented in Indonesia. Teaching styles will vary, but lecture rooms and power point presentations can work well. Care presentations are also best shared using PCs and memory sticks.


The spine cases vary dramatically from sever deformities, infections, trauma, and degenerative disease.

I would suggest staying at least two weeks for teaching and surgery in Jakarta and then spend a week of “R&R” in Bali or other islands. Many more remote locations are available, but many require special arrangements.

I would expect that 12-15 surgical cases will be done. You will be very welcomed by our very competent Indonesian peers who look forward to honest exchanges. Much will be learned on both sides.