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Morocco - Marrakech

Marrakech is the third largest city in Morocco after Casablanca and Rabat, and lies near the foothills of the snow capped Atlas Mountains and a few hours away from the foot of the Sahara Desert. Its location and contrasting landscape has made it an enviable destination in Morocco.

The SRS Global Outreach program in Marrakech was initiated by Dr. Hani Mhaidli (Gran Canaria, Spain) with local host Dr. Tarik Fikry, Head of Trauma and Orthopedic Service, at the University Hospital Ben Toufail, Marrakech, in 2012 with the twin goals of resolving spine cases and teaching and training local surgeons in spine surgery. The hospital is prepared for spine surgery, and local medical personnel and staff eager to learn and cooperate.

Marrakech, Morocco

The visits will take place four times a year. The three-day visit begins upon arrival on Thursday and ends on Sunday. On Friday we meet with the local surgeons and discuss outpatient cases that they have previously prepared, give instructional lectures, and perform surgery. On Saturday we see outpatients, give lectures and follow-up on patients operated on Friday.

Morocco is a very safe country for foreign travelers. No vaccinations or visas are necessary. There is an international airport in Marrakech, and there is also a larger airport in Casablanca that has frequent air connections with Marrakech or is a two hour drive on a good highway. There is private funding for hotel accommodation and meals.

Marrakech, MoroccoMarrakech, Morocco Marrakech, Morocco