Scoliosis Research Society
SRS: Scoliosis Research Society

Scoliosis Research Society

Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

18th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST)
Copenhagen, Denmark
July 13-16, 2011

IMAST 2011 Committee

Chair - Todd J. Albert, MD

Past Chair - Lawrence G. Lenke, MD

Chair-Elect - Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD

Jacob M. Buchowski, MD, MS
Praveen Mummaneni, MD
Ahmad Nassr, MD
Michael F. O'Brien, MD
Brian A. O'Shaughnessy, MD
Joseph H. Perra, MD
B. Stephens Richards, MD
Vishal Sarwahi, MD
Daniel J. Sucato, MD, MS