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Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

BSRF Research Forum

The British Scoliosis Research Foundation (BSRF) has launched the BSRF Research Forum. The purpose of the forum is to stimulate and encourage new ideas as well as offering an environment for researchers to discuss current projects. A first of its kind for scoliosis – it is an effective way of keeping in touch with others with an interest in scoliosis research internationally.

The forum is open to all researchers, specialists and allied health professionals and is a fantastic place to form new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. BSRF encourages people to use this mechanism to further research in this area and post potential projects for funding. Posts will be monitored on a regular basis by the Grants Committee and people will be encouraged to apply for grants. Within the forum there is also a separate, private forum for the International Scoliosis Genetics Interest Group (ISGIG). ISGIG is a specialist group formed at last year’s International Phillip Zorab Symposium and BSRF fully supports the work that they are doing to forward genetic research into the condition.

You can access the forum by clicking on the following the link To apply for a username and password use the "apply for membership" tab on the home page, your application will be processed and then you will be ready to post in the forum.

BSRF has also set up a new LinkedIn group called "British Scoliosis Research Foundation" which they will be using to inform people about latest news from the organization and research into scoliosis. Please join the group to be kept informed.