Scoliosis Research Society
SRS: Scoliosis Research Society

Scoliosis Research Society

Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

SRS Shands Members

Platinum | $1 million and above

Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD and Nasrin Akbarnia-Owsia, MD
Alvin H. Crawford, MD
Daryll C. Dykes, MD, PhD
Lawrence G. Lenke, MD and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lenke
David W. Polly Jr., MD and Shirley M. Polly, MD
Jeffery L. Stambough, MD, MBA
Stuart L. Weinstein, MD

Gold | $500,000 - $999,999

Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD and Mrs. Hilda Boachie-Adjei
Baron S. Lonner, MD

Silver | $250,000 - $499,999

Courtney W. Brown, MD and Mrs. Ingrid Brown

Bronze | $100,000 - $249,999

Marc A. Asher, MD and Mrs. Ellie Asher
George S. Bassett, MD and Mrs. Ruth Bassett
Laurel C. Blakemore, MD
John E. Lonstein, MD and Mrs. Ann K. Lonstein
George F. Rapp, MD and Mrs. Peggy Rapp

Copper | $20,000 - $99,999

Ahmet Alanay, MD
Stephen A. Albanese, MD and Mrs. Eileen Albanese
Michael C. Albert, MD
Todd J. Albert, MD and Mrs. Barbara Albert
Howard S. An, MD
D. Greg Anderson, MD
David D. Aronsson, MD and Mrs. Linda Aronsson
Daniel R. Benson, MD
Christopher J. Bergin, MD
Mark Bernhardt, MD
Randal R. Betz, MD
David S. Bradford, MD
Keith H. Bridwell, MD
Paul A. Broadstone, MD
Gary T. Brock, MD
Jacob M. Buchowski, MD and Katherine P. Buchowski, MD
J. Abbott Byrd III, MD
Frank P. Cammisa Jr., MD
Robert M. Campbell Jr., MD
Donald P. K. Chan, MD
David H. Clements III, MD and Mrs. Tamara Clements
Dennis G. Crandall, MD
Ronald L. DeWald, MD and Mrs. Mary DeWald
John R Dimar II, MD and Mrs. Cheryl Dimar
John P. Dormans, MD, FACS
Denis S. Drummond, MD
John B. Emans, MD and S. Jean Emans, MD
Thomas J. Errico, MD
Frances Farley, MD and Darryl J. Snabes
David S. Feldman, MD
John M. Flynn, MD
Robert W. Gaines Jr., MD and Mrs. Patricia Gaines
Timothy A. Garvey, MD
Steven D. Glassman, MD and Mrs. Sylvia Glassman
Munish C. Gupta, MD
Lawrence L. Haber, MD
Thomas R. Haher, MD
Azmi Hamzaoglu, MD
C. Scott Harrison, MD
Richard J. Haynes, MD
Charles F. Heinig, MD
Lloyd A. Hey, MD
Gregory A. Hoffman, MD and Mrs. Susanne Hoffman
John D. Hsu, MD
Kamal N. Ibrahim, MD and Lucy Ibrahim, MD
Roger P. Jackson, MD and Mrs. Sandra M. Jackson
William J. Kane, MD, PhD
Lawrence I. Karlin, MD
John T. Killian, MD
Andrew G. S. King, MD, FRCS, FRACS
Howard A. King, MD and Mrs. Becky King
Hubert Labelle, MD
Michael O. LaGrone, MD
Alan M. Levine, MD † and Mrs. Barbara Levine
Isador H. Lieberman, MD and Mrs. Elise Lieberman
Thomas G. Lowe, MD † and Mrs. Sally A. Lowe
G. Dean MacEwen, MD and Mrs. Marilyn MacEwen
James R. Malcolm, MD
Steven M. Mardjetko, MD
David S. Marks FRCS, FRCS (ORTH)
Sharon K. Mayberry, MD
Sean E. McCance, MD
Richard E. McCarthy, MD
Newton C. McCollough III, MD and Mrs. Mary McCollough
Andrew A. Merola, MD and Mrs. Christine Merola
Hani Mhaidli, MD
Todd A. Milbrandt, MD, MS
Alan Moskowitz, MD
Scott J. Mubarak, MD
Ram Mudiyam, MD, MBA
Marr P. Mullen, MD and Mrs. Nancy Mullen
Michael G. Neuwirth, MD
Peter O. Newton, MD and Mrs. Cathy Newton
Kenneth J. Noonan, MD
Pierce D. Nunley, MD
James W. Ogilvie, MD
Patrick F. O'Leary, MD
Stephen L. Ondra, MD
Jeffrey H. Owen, PhD
Joseph H. Perra, MD and Beth Perra
Jacquelin Perry, MD
Hamlet A. Peterson, MD
Preston J. Phillips, MD
Charles T. Price, MD
Ellen M. Raney, MD
Karl E. Rathjen MD, and Mrs. Carolyn Rathjen
Kent A. Reinker, MD
B. Stephens Richards III, MD and Mrs. Denise Richards
Daniel K. Riew, MD and Mrs. Mary Riew
James W. Roach, MD and Mrs. Elizabeth Roach
Michael S. Roh, MD
Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD
James O. Sanders, MD
Albert E. Sanders, MD and Mrs. Shirley Sanders
John F. Sarwark, MD
Rick C. Sasso, MD
Michael F. Schafer, MD and Mrs. Eileen Schafer
Frank J. Schwab, MD
Richard M. Schwend, MD and Mrs. Colleen Schwend
Dilip K. Sengupta, MD
Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD
Suken A. Shah, MD
Jay Shapiro, MD
Harry L. Shufflebarger, MD and Mrs. Cynthia Clark Shufflebarger
James W. Simmons Jr., MD
David L. Skaggs, MD
Brian D. Snyder, MD, PhD
Kit M. Song, MD
Paul D. Sponseller, MD and Mrs. Amy Sponseller
Howard H. Steel, MD
David B. Stevens, MD
Peter F. Sturm, MD
Daniel J. Sucato, MD and Mrs Lisa Sucato
Nobumasa Suzuki, MD
Rudolph F. Taddonio, MD and Mrs. Karin Taddonio
Carlos Tello, MD
George H. Thompson, MD and Mrs. Janice L. Thompson
Vernon T. Tolo, MD
Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, PhD
Michael G. Vitale, MD
Vagmin P. Vora, MD
Theodore A. Wagner, MD and Mrs. Iris Wagner
Eric J. Wall, MD
Mark Weidenbaum, MD and Mrs. Lisa Berke-Weidenbaum
Augustus A. White III, MD, PhD
Michael J. Yaszemski, MD and Mrs. Karen L. Yaszemski


*as of August 22, 2011

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