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Whitecloud Clinical Award Nominees (Session takes place Thursday, July 13th at 9:00 in Auditorium 1)

Paper 1 Patient Reported SRS-24 Outcomes Scores after Surgery for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Have Improved Since the New Millennium
Tracey P. Bastrom; Peter O. Newton, MD; Harms Study Group

Paper 2 Using The Lower Lumbar Touched Vertebra To Select The Lowest Instrumented Vertebra In Lenke Type 3 & 4 Curves At A Minimum 5 Yr Follow-Up
  Lawrence G. Lenke, MD; Michael P Kelly, MD; Ronald A. Lehman, MD; Michael Vitale, MD, MPH; Baron S. Lonner, MD; Thomas J. Errico, MD; Randal R. Betz, MD; Suken A. Shah, MD; Harry L. Shufflebarger, MD; Peter O. Newton, MD; Kathleen M. Blanke, RN; Harms Study Group
Paper 2 Figures

Paper 3 Disc Degeneration in Unfused Caudal Motion Segments Ten Years Following Surgery for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Baron S. Lonner, MD; Yuan Ren, PhD; Michelle Claire Marks, PT, MA; Peter O. Newton, MD;  Randal R. Betz, MD; Amer F. Samdani, MD; Harry L. Shufflebarger, MD; Suken A. Shah, MD;Daniel Lefton, MD; Hussein Nasser, MD; Colin Dabrowski; Karen S Chen, MD

Paper 4 Touched Vertebra (TV) on Standing Xray is a Good Predictor for LIV. TV on Prone Xray is Better
 Vishal Sarwahi, MD; Stephen F Wendolowski, BS; Jesse Galina, BS; Beverly Thornhill, MD; Yungtai Lo, MD; Kathleen Maguire, MD; Terry D. Amaral, MD

Paper 5 Rod Fracture in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery Incidence, Risk Factors and Impact on Health Related Quality of Life in 526 Patients
Thamrong Lertudomphonwanit, MD; Munish C. Gupta, MD; Keith H. Bridwell, MD; Lawrence G. Lenke, MD; Prachya Punyarat, MD; Timothy Bryan; Brenda Sides, MA; Jacob M. Buchowski, MD, MS; Michael P. Kelly, MD; Lukas P. Zebala, MD

Paper 6 2-Year Outcomes of Spinal Growth Tethering vs. Posterior Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis Flexibility vs. Reliability
Peter O. Newton, MD; Dylan G Kluck, MD; Wataru Saito, MD, PhD; Burt Yaszay, MD; Carrie E. Bartley, MA; Tracey P. Bastrom

Paper 7 Does Local Intraoperative Corticosteroids Delivered in a Gel-Matrix Minimize Dysphagia following Anterior Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)? A Preliminary Analysis of a Double Blinded Randomize Controlled Trial (RCT) 
Daniel Stein, BS; Han Jo Kim, MD; Darren R. Lebl, MD; Russel Huang, MD; Shari T Jawetz, MD; Okezie K. Aguwa, MD;  Virginie LaFage, PhD; Todd J. Albert, MD

Paper 8 Closed Reduction of Cervical Facet Dislocations a New Take on an Old Technique
Johannes H. Davis, MMed(Orth), FCOrth (SA); De La Rey HS Badenhorst; Moosa Ahmed Farouk Mohideen; Maarten Potgieter

Paper 9 Efficacy and Safety of a High-Dose Tranexamic Acid Protocol in Complex Adult Spinal Deformity Analysis of 100 Consecutive Cases
 James D Lin, MD; Lawrence G. Lenke, MD; Jamal Shillingford, MD; Joseph Lawrence Laratta, MD;Lee A Tan; Charla R. Fischer, MD; Ronald A. Lehman, MD

Whitecloud Basic Science Award Nominees (Session takes place Thursday, July 13 at 11:05)

Paper 10 Improved Clinical Outcomes of Intraoperative Lumbar Nerve Root Monitoring Changes Using Motor Evoked Potentials During Thoracolumbar Spinal Surgery
Earl D. Thuet, B.S., CNIM; Lee Tan; Anil Mendiratta, MD; Moosa Ahmed Farouk Mohideen; Paul,F Kent, MD, PhD; Ronald A. Lehman, MD; Yongjung J. Kim, MD; Charla R. Fischer, MD; Mark Weidenbaum, MD; Lawrence G. Lenke, MD

Paper 11 Changes in Cervical Facets Orientation During Child Growth
Sebastien Pesenti; Renaud Lafage; Benjamin Blondel; Emilie Peltier, MD; Elie Choufani, MD; Jean-Luc Jouve, MD, PhD

Paper 12 Locally Applied Simvastatin as an Adjunct to Promote Spinal Fusion in Rats
Sravisht Iyer, MD; Patrick, E Donnelly, PhD; George Spaniel BS; Matthew E. Cunningham, MD, PhD

Paper 14 Neurologic Deficits and MRI Characteristics of Syrinx in Idiopathic Syringomyelia Related Scoliosis
Haining Tan; Fan Feng; Youxi Lin, MD; Xingye Li, MD; Chong Chen, MD; Jianxiong Shen, MD

Paper 15 Impact of Type of Screw on Kyphotic Deformity Correction after Spine Fracture Fixation- Cannulated versus Solid Pedicle Screw
Abduljabbar Alhammoud, MD; Mahmood Arbash; Ashik, M Parambathkandi; Ohmed Khilji; Abdul Moeen Baco




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