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Scoliosis Research Society
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Scoliosis Research Society

Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity


Benefits of SRS Membership

  • Reduced registration fees for SRS meetings: Members recieve a reduced registration rate for Annual Meetings and International Meetings on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST). Both of these meetings feature valuable information and are a perfect opportunity to develop new contacts with spine professionals across the world
  • Recognition of Membership on the SRS online Physician Locator
  • "Members Only" access to information on the SRS website including:
    • Video archives of past Annual Meeting & IMAST podium presentations
    • Historical documents
    • SRS newsletter archives
    • Global Outreach lecture depository
    • And more!
  • Eligibility to apply for scholarships and traveling fellowships
  • Connection with a mentor: The SRS mentorship program acquaints new members with SRS leadership and provides the opportunity to interact with world class spine professionals
  • Leadership Opportunities: All members are eligible to become committee members and have a voice in over 20 SRS committees including Education, Advocacy, and Website.
  • Full Access to the SRS E-Text:

Membership Types and Requirements

Classes of Fellowship in the Scoliosis Research Society include Candidate, Active, and Associate.

Candidate Fellowship is open to orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and to non-physician members of allied specialties (such as research scientists). Candidate Fellows stay in this category for five years, during which time they must meet their membership requirements and demonstrate their interest in spinal deformity and in the goals of the Scoliosis Research Society. When you are admitted to Candidate Fellowship you agree to:

  • Submit yearly on-line Morbidity & Mortality reports (for Surgeon Candidates).
  • Submit at least 2 abstracts on different topics to an SRS Annual Meeting or International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST) Meeting during your 5-year Candidacy.
  • Attend at least 2 SRS Annual or IMAST Meetings (one must be a SRS Annual Meeting) during your 5-year Candidacy.
  • Serve on two committees during your five-year term.
  • Review, sign and submit your Annual Requirement Report which shows your completed Morbidity & Mortality submissions (if a Surgical Candidate), abstract submissions, and meeting attendance. Your individualized report is mailed to you by the SRS office annually.
  • For Surgeon Candidates - Submit a complete case list (non-operative and operative) for the fifth year of your Candidacy with your Active Application.
  • For Scientific Candidates - Publish at least one paper on scoliosis or related spinal deformities in a peer-reviewed and Medline-indexed journal during the five-year Candidate Fellowship.
  • Those who complete all requirements are eligible and required to apply for Active Fellowship in the Society at the end of the five-year Candidate period.
  • Failure to complete these requirements during the 5-year period may require reapplication to Candidate Fellowship.

Candidate Applicants:

  • Must have attended an SRS Annual or IMAST Meeting prior to applying for membership. Meeting attendance must be within five years of the application date.
  • Must have submitted an abstract to SRS Annual Meeting or IMAST within five years of application date (as of 9/20/10).
  • All surgeon candidates must see patients independently for submitting annual Morbidity & Mortality reports.
  • For Scientific Applicants - Must submit at least one abstract for the SRS Annual or IMAST Meeting prior to applying. Submission must be within 5 years of application date.

Active Fellowship is limited to orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and to non-physician members of allied specialties. They must have made a significant contribution to spinal problems, and must have a practice which includes at least 20% spinal deformity. They must have successfully completed a five-year Candidate Fellowship in the society. Only Active Fellows may vote and hold elected offices within the Society. Active Fellowship requirements include:

  • Annual Morbidity & Mortality submissions.
  • Meeting attendance, 1 meeting every 3 consecutive years and 1 SRS Annual Meeting at least every five years.

Associate Fellowship is for distinguished members of the medical profession including allied health professionals who have made a significant contribution to scoliosis or related spinal deformities but do not wish to assume the full responsibilities of Active Fellowship and do not have to go through a five-year Candidacy period.

  • Associate Fellows pay reduced membership dues.
  • Are not eligible to vote or hold an SRS office or apply for Active Fellowship.
  • Are eligible to serve on and chair committees.
  • Are required to attend an SRS Annual or IMAST Meeting once every five consecutive years.

Associate Applicants:

  • Must have attended two SRS meetings (SRS Annual or IMAST) prior to applying for membership. Meeting attendance must be within five years of the application date.
  • Must have at least five years of spinal deformity work experience prior to applying for membership.

Application Deadlines:
June 30 of each year (notifications emailed in October)
December 1 of each year (notifications emailed in April)

Only one hand signed copy of the completed application is needed.
SRS Membership Application PDF

Annual Membership Dues:
SRS now offers discounted application fees and membership rates for surgeons residing in lower income countries base on the World Bank Economy Scale. To view annual membership rates for all countries, please click on the Fee Scale link below.

World Bank Economy Rate- Dues Scale & Application Fee (PDF)