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Recommended for curves less than 25º to 30º or people who have stopped growing and have curves that aren't changing or causing problems. Many kids have curves that will never progress past 25ºor 30º and will never need to wear a brace. X-ray evaluations occur every 4 to 6 months so doctors can determine whether bracing is necessary. Observations may continue for years—with doctor visits reduced to every year or every few years—to ensure your scoliosis doesn't progress into adulthood.

Treatment Goals

  • Minimize spinal curvature over the life of the patient.
  • Maximize lung function over the life of the patient.
  • Minimize the extent of any final spinal fusion.
  • Maximize motion of chest and spine.
  • Minimize complications, procedures, hospitalizations and burden for the family.
  • Consider overall development of the child.

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