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Scoliosis Awareness Month

National Scoliosis Awareness Month takes place yearly in June with the goal of highlighting the growing need for education, early detection and awareness to the public about scoliosis and its prevalence within the community. The campaign also unites scoliosis patients, families, physicians, clinicians, institutions and related businesses in collaborative partnerships of local activities, events and grassroots networking throughout the month.

National Scoliosis Awareness Month Campaign Objectives:

  • Using the results from the BrAIST Study, highlight the importance of early detection and the effectiveness of bracing as early, non-operative care. To read more on the BrAIST study results, click here.
  • To have every state, district and commonwealth to officially declare by proclamation their observance of National Scoliosis Awareness Month during the month of June.
  • Increase public awareness of scoliosis and related spinal conditions through educational and advocacy campaigns of local activities, and community events during the month of June and throughout year
  • Unite scoliosis patients, families, physicians, and clinicians in a collaborative partnership that educate, and advocate, for patient care, patient screening, patient privacy, and patient protection
  • Build networks of community collaborations and alliances to help sustain and grow the campaign

Help Support the National Scoliosis Awareness Month Campaign

In preparing to publicize June as National Scoliosis Awareness Month, SRS will be sending requests to all US governors asking them to proclaim June as National Scoliosis Awareness Month. SRS would like to invite all scoliosis patients, family members and advocates to support SRS’s request for proclamations by sending in their own letters of support. Let your voice be heard in your state and take action to support those with spinal conditions.

Below please find a draft letter that can be used to get you started. You can then use the link to the National Governors Association (NGA) to find the name and contact information to send your letter to your state’s governor.

Thank you helping to support the National Scoliosis Awareness Month Campaign!

Click here for the National Scoliosis Awareness Month Support Letter

Click here to find your governor - National Governors Association (NGA)