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Scoliosis - David W. Polly, Jr., MD

  • What is scoliosis?
  • Is scoliosis more common in boys or girls?
  • What are the other types of scoliosis?
  • Does everyone with scoliosis wear a brace or need surgery?
  • Why do kids get scoliosis?
  • Does bad posture lead to scoliosis?
  • Are there exercises I can do to make my spine straight?

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Diagnosing Scoliosis - John R. Dimar II, MD

  • How does a doctor diagnose scoliosis?
  • Can scoliosis curves get better on their own?
  • How often will I need my scoliosis re-checked?
  • Will all of the x-rays harm me?

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Overview of Treatment - Kenneth MC Cheung, MD

  • What can I do to prevent my scoliosis from getting worse?
  • How does a spine specialist decide what the treatment will be?
  • What is involved in observation?
  • Can you tell me about Bracing?
  • How do you know if a patient needs surgery?
  • Where can I find a specialist?
  • Should I try physical therapy or other alternative methods first?

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Bracing for Scoliosis - B. Stephens Richards, III, MD

  • Which kind of brace is right for me?
  • What are the different types of braces?
  • Why should I wear a brace?
  • Does it matter how many hours a day I wear the brace?
  • Can I take the brace off for PE at school, sports activities, swimming, etc.?
  • How will I know if the brace is working?
  • I wore a brace for two years and my curve was the same size when I stopped wearing it, why? Did I waste my time? 
  • What does the Boston Brace or TLSO look like?

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Surgery for Scoliosis - Lawrence G. Lenke, MD

  • If I need scoliosis surgery, what can I expect?
  • Will surgery only stop my curve from growing or will it help straighten it?
  • How long will it take me to recover from surgery?
  • Does that include participation in sports?
  • Will I have my rods removed after my spine is fused?
  • Can the rods break?

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Living with Scoliosis - Stephen D. Glassman, MD

  • Should I avoid certain activities because of my scoliosis?
  • Is carrying a heavy back-pack bad?
  • What if I have to wear a brace?
  • How do I cope with having scoliosis?
  • How can I connect with other kids who have scoliosis?

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Living with Scoliosis - John P. Dormans, MD

  • Will my curves get worse?
  • Can my scoliosis be cured?
  • If I have mild scoliosis, do I have to see a spine specialist?
  • Will I pass my scoliosis on to my future children?

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Kyphosis - George H. Thompson, MD

  • What is kyphosis?
  • Will I need surgery if I have kyphosis?
  • If I need kyphosis surgery, what can I expect?
  • What does kyphosis surgery involve?
  • How does my spine fuse and how long does it take?
  • Will surgery only stop my curve from growing or will it help straighten it?
  • How long will it take me to recover from surgery?
  • Will I have my rods removed after my spine is fused?
  • You mentioned a rod breaking, how could this happen?

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Spondylolysis - Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD

  • What is Spondylolysis?
  • Are there certain activities that will make someone more prone to get spondylolysis?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How is spondylolysis diagnosed?
  • What is the treatment for spondylolysis?
  • Are there different types of surgery for spondylolysis?
  • Can people keep doing activities while they are being treated?

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Spondylolisthesis - Ron El-Harwary, MD

  • What is Spondylolisthesis?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How do you know how severe the condition is?
  • Do all severities of spondylolisthesis require surgery?

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