Scoliosis Research Society
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SRS: Scoliosis Research Society

Scoliosis Research Society

Dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity

President's Message

SRS 2016-2017 Presidential Line
SRS 2017-2018 Presidential Line, pictured from left to right, Kenneth MC Cheung, MD, Past President I; Todd J. Albert, MD, President; Peter O. Newton, MD, President Elect; Paul D. Sponseller, MD, MBA, Vice President

Welcome to the SRS website.

As I assume the presidency I am excited about where the SRS stands today in the world and about our future.  We have seen over 50 years of amazing progress in our society growing from 37 members to over 1,300 members worldwide.  We have a broad educational agenda which we continue to improve, hone and standardize.  Education is being developed globally for particular audiences dependent on their level of skill and need.  We have our ongoing expanded research commitment with both directed research as well as a granting process for member driven investigator initiated research supporting early stage researchers to more sophisticated researchers answering important questions for patients and those who care for them.

We are recognized as the spinal deformity experts and leaders around the world.  This is incredibly important for patients and physicians as we move forward in helping to improve the care of those patients afflicted with spinal deformities.

Please know that the distributed leadership model of the SRS engages our committed board members from all over the globe, committee chairs and committee members and the incredible staff of the SRS to constantly improve our society and serve the mission of our members and our patients from around the world.  I look forward to being available to members, patients and constituents during the year.

Happy surfing!


Todd J. Albert, MD
SRS President 2017-2018